Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Soundtrack to Your Life

Sometimes you’ll hear a song on the radio and you’ll flashback to a different time in your life.  Or you’ll be going through a hard time and the song that perfectly captures your mood comes on.  Rob Sheffield takes it one step further in his story of love and loss, Love is a Mix Tape.  As someone who was always obsessed with music, he travels through his memories aided by the mix tapes he, or others, made over the years. A heartbreaking story but one that is also filled with humor and hope, he recounts his love story and the circumstances that ended it. It is definitely a heartfelt telling so you might need a few tissues for this quick read.  If you’re not a music fan, a lot of the references and specific allusions will be too detailed to enjoy, but some may provide fun walks down memory lane. Whether a music buff or not, this is a sweet, worthwhile read that reminds us to appreciate every day

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