Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jane Eyre Reboot

There are only so many original stories in the world, or so they say. Margot Livesey takes the classic tale of Jane Eyre and spins it to be a modern retelling. At its core, the story is the same as the original, but Livesey invokes the same feeling of longing and desolation that embody the inspiration. Gemma Hardy is an orphaned girl lost in the world who is sent away to work at a school. When that crumbles, she becomes the governess at a typically gothic estate and follows the well-known arc of the relationship with her employer and running away once the situation spirals into unknown territories. Gemma is a determined and smart young woman who continues to push forward in search of the family and life she dreams of while outrunning her past. If you enjoyed the original book, definitely take this one for a spin as well.

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