Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winter's Tale

Isolated on a homestead in Alaska in the 1920s, Jake and Mabel live a solitary life in a bleak landscape. Not only is the physical aspect challenging, but their current lives as well as their past emotional baggage present a burden that is almost too much for their relationship to bear. While Jake is trying to find enough food for the winter and stabilize their lives, Mabel falls deeper into her depression. In a moment of togetherness, they build a snow child out of the first snow of the season. The next day the child is gone but they glimpse a blonde girl running through the woods. The story picks up quickly from here and Eowyn Ivey's writing transports the reader to the remote woods and the almost magical relationships that bloom around the girl, Faina. A truly beautiful story and one that stays with you once you reach the last page, it is a unique frozen fairy tale that I definitely recommend.

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