Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not So Sweet Revenge

As a fellow Cornell grad and a lover of The Devil Wears Prada, I was cautiously excited when I heard there would be a sequel: Revenge Wears Prada. Undoubtedly a good business move given the first book and corresponding movie’s popularity, I think this may have been a questionable writing decision. A quick read and fine for something lighter, the continued story of Andy Sachs and the infamous Miranda felt too forced and like it was occurring in a parallel universe.

Andy is now best friends with Emily, which in movie-form I would absolutely love since Emily Blunt was terrific as the sharp Brit, but in book form, felt convenient and as if the author had perhaps taken the cue from the movie itself.  Andy and Emily are also running a very high-end wedding magazine—Andy is the writing mastermind and Emily basically handles everything else. A legitimate division of roles, but I think I preferred imagining Andy’s return to normalcy after leaving the fashion world in the first book to the idea of her jetting around to cover celebrity weddings. Andy is all set to marry a publishing heir and clearly now runs in society-circles, whether or not she feels fully comfortable in that world. In-law troubles, a pregnancy and a buyout offer from none other than Miranda’s publishing house turn Andy’s world upside down and she is left to figure out the best path forward for herself.

The writing is light, the plot is fairly obvious, and the characters lacked some of the honesty I found in the first book, but if you want to try re-entering the world of Andy, Emily and Miranda, it’s worth checking out. Weisberger is always good for a light-hearted, fluffy read and while this is not my favorite of hers, if you align your expectations appropriately, you might enjoy the dip into this world.

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