Monday, February 20, 2012

The Best of Times

What do you read when you travel: impressive, classic works or lighter, more entertaining fare? That was the discussion in Dominique Browning's New York Times article this weekend. Though it was in the travel section, it could have been just as easily found in the book review as well since it focused on high-flying literature. I loved this piece because this is truly the debate I have every time I pack to go on a flight. Do I bring the chick lit, historical fiction or mystery? Or do I bring the biography I've been meaning to read? I learned, just like she did, that the flight seems to pass a lot faster when you are legitimately engaged. I also make sure to start the book before I leave just in case it's really not that gripping. The only thing worse than turbulence is being incredibly bored and not having another book to read.  All I can hope is that people around me reserve their judgement on my book choice if I go for fluff; that's probably the real motivation behind the popularity of e-readers!

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