Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A (Family) Tree Grows in Beatrice

The small town of Beatrice, Missouri is the stage for the multi-generational family story told in A Good American by Alex George. Frederick and Jette leave their home in Germany to travel to the United States and start anew, never dreaming of all that would come along the way. By happenstance they end up in Beatrice and begin carving out a life together as their family grows and they plant their roots in the community. The family lore is actually told by their grandson, James, who marks the major points in their history as well as the country’s over the span of several generations. It is a well-constructed tale full of faceted characters that experience equal parts happiness and heartbreak as the years pass. The patriotism they display is refreshing in today’s world, and serves as a great reminder of how far every family in our country has come and how deep our roots truly go.

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