Friday, February 3, 2012

Conquering Puerto Rico

From Spain to Puerto Rico, Ana defies expectations in Esemeralda Santiago’s Conquistadora.  As a young woman being raised for her proper place in society, she is obsessed with her ancestor’s diaries of his travels to Puerto Rico. When she meets two handsome brothers through her best friend, Ana finds a way to explore her lifelong dream of moving there by marrying Ramon and his sugar plantation inheritance.  They move halfway across the world to a land full of challenges and disappointments balanced only by the help of the knowledgeable overseer. From societal gossip to family drama, from civil wars to slave uprisings, Ana must manage everything her dream throws at her and often on her own.  An epic story that takes the reader on her vivid journey, Ana’s tale is one of personal tragedy and triumph in a landscape unlike any other.

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