Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Q is for Question Mark

Murakami is back and better than ever with 1Q84.  An epic tale that includes love set amidst the chaos of a parallel world with all the fantastical changes that only Murakami could imagine.  Focused around two central narrators, Aomame and Tengo, the tale unfolds as each makes discoveries about a secret religious organization. For Aomame, a personal trainer, the involvement begins when she hops out of her cab to take an emergency exit off the highway and finds herself in a changed world.  Tengo, a teacher and writer, comes across a young author’s manuscript while screening for a contest and agrees to help rework it as a ghostwriter. As each uncovers the mysteries of their new world, its clear they are inexplicably drawn to each other and that somehow they each may hold the key to survival. With elements of fantasy, mystery, and suspense as well as a love story, the thousand-page story flies by.  Definitely not a light read, 1Q84 is my favorite Murakami work I’ve encountered so far and I highly recommend it for anyone with a taste for the unusual.

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