Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Not Well-Suited

The Suitors by Cecile David-Weil sounded like a throwback to the Austen era, but unfortunately ended up being a bit of a stale read. I wasn't looking for something that would set the world on fire, but the basic setup of the book sounded like a decent bet. A luxurious family home that had to be put up for sale, a glamorous group of house guests, sisters pursuing well-off husbands to secure the estate—not unique tropes, but ones that usually lead to an enjoyable and potentially elitist read.

Sadly it all just fell flat for me and it took some effort to make it through. Neither of the sisters had truly redeeming qualities to help round them out and provide balance to the superficial world. Frankly, they just weren't that appealing. The book felt more like a downer than a bubbling glass of champagne. While failed relationships and money troubles are often part of the background, there was just nothing driving the story forward in any way and I found myself more annoyed by everyone in the book than interested in their endings. I wouldn't recommend this book, but if you have read it and did enjoy it, definitely let me know in the comments section—would love to hear a positive take on this as well!

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