Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Of House and Heart

Oh, Mary Kay Andrews with your brightly colored, summer, southern covers and stories. When you pick up one of her books, you definitely know what to expect and it’s often like drinking a tall glass of sweet tea—refreshing, a little sweet, and perfect for gabbing with your girlfriends. I've definitely enjoyed some of her books more than others, but that’s a matter of personal preference and my relation to the central character.

In Ladies’ Night, a lifestyle blogger named Grace’s personal and professional worlds turn upside down when she finds her husband cheating with her assistant. A court-ordered spin through group therapy provides her a group of friends who have been through their own trials. In typical romance form, she also ends up meeting a heart-of-gold guy there who runs a family business, has a son, and proves to be the partner she needs in her new life. Getting revenge, uncovering corruption, adopting a pet, rehabilitating a house, and starting a new relationship are just some of the hijinx that ensue as Grace realigns her life in this fun read.

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